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     All Saints' Episcopal Church

282 Bound Line Road P.O. Box 6015

Wolcott, Connecticut 06716

Church Office Telephone: 203-879-2800

e-mail:  allsaintswolcott@att.net



Priestly Perusings

We are entering a season of feasting and feasts! While the month of November brings the conclusion of the Church Year, it also includes and leads us into the new Church Year and some of the important feasts of each. October 31 is honored as “Hallowe’en,” so named because it is the eve of The Feast of All Saints’ (Nov. 1) – and so “All Hallows Eve,” or hallowed (holy) evening, shortened to Hallowe’en. The Feast of All Saints’ is our own patronal feast, one of two which Christianity honors by allowing its celebration not only on the day itself, but also on the following Sunday. Our own festive celebration of our 57th Birthday will take place on Sunday, November 5, with a festive Eucharist, followed by a joyful pot-luck brunch in Andrews Hall. The Ingathering of Pledges for the Year 2018 will take place on that day (see below). The names of departed loved ones will be remembered at the altar during the Eucharist, as a special reminder that they (with angels, archangels, and all the company of heaven) still join us around the altar every time we gather to give thanks for all the goodness which God has provided to us. Sunday, November 12 will be our annual Youth Group Honors Veterans brunch. All are invited to the brunch prepared by our Youth Group; if you are a veteran, or are bringing a veteran to the brunch, please be in touch with our Youth leader Michelle Byram (203-879-3700). November 17-18 brings us the 233rd annual Convention of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, held this year in Greenwich; your delegates are Michael De Negris, Jr. and Ouida Green. Wednesday, Nov. 22nd is the annual community Thanksgiving Eve servicewhich takes place this year at All Saints’at 7 PM, followed by a reception in Andrews Hall. You will be hearing more about how to participate in that event in the coming weeks. December 3 is The First Sunday of Advent, and the beginning of the new Church Year (Year B of the three-year lectionary cycle). Advent, of course, is the season of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Christmas Day this year falls on Monday, which means that Sunday morning, Dec. 24, is Advent IV, with the Greening of the Church immediately following, and that same Sunday evening is Christmas Eve! After some discussion with individuals and focus groups, we have decided to keep our usual Christmas schedule: Christmas Eve, there will be a Family Eucharist with carols at 5 PM, the “Midnight Mass” (with Choir) will be at 10 PM, and the Christmas Day Eucharist at 10:00 AM. We hope this schedule will be helpful to all in planning your time to join your church family to worship Christ, the newborn King. So come, all ye faithful, and join in all the feasts of fall!        





STEWARDSHIP and the ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN: Please pray about what God may be calling you to do to further the ministry of Christ in and from All Saints’ in the Year 2018. Pledge packets will be distributed on Sunday, October 29. The Ingathering of pledges of Time, Talent, and Treasure will take place on Sunday, November 5, at the All Saints’ Day celebration. The overall theme for this year’s Annual Giving Campaign is “Journey to Generosity;” let us pray that we may all be as generous as we are able in support of this wonderful parish and the ministry it exercises within and beyond these walls in the name and for the sake of Christ. Many thanks to Jackie Pineau and Rhonda Mazur for their hard work in preparing this campaign. 


THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY BAPTISM will be administered on All Saints’ Sunday, Nov. 5, to Noah David Jannetty, infant son of Megan and Michael Jannetty and grandson of Deborah Girard.


THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY MATRIMONY between Lorraine Di Mauro and Frank Hegedus will be celebrated on Saturday, November 11. While we are grateful to the Lord for bringing these two together in love, we will miss Lorraine, who will then move to her new home in Brooklyn, CT.  All Saints’ Sunday will be a wonderful time to welcome the newly-baptized Noah and bid farewell to Lorraine!


BECOMING A MEMBER OF ALL SAINTS’ is really very simple. If you have been Baptized with water in the name of the Trinity in any Christian tradition, all you need to do is register your Baptism with us (let Susan know the date and place of your birth and of your Baptism) – this makes you a member of All Saints’ Parish, but Baptism makes one a Christian; it does not make you an Episcopalian! If you are already a Confirmed Episcopalian, please just ask Mother Davidson to request your Letter of Transfer from your former parish. In order to become an Episcopalian, you must be Confirmed (for those who have been baptized and raised in most Protestant traditions, as well as other Episcopal churches) or Received (for those who have been raised in the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Churches) by a bishop in the Episcopal Church. Preparation for Confirmation/Reception of adults is offered through Inquirers’ Classes (which will be held at the convenience of those who sign up). The Prayer Book also offers the opportunity for adults who have been away from the Church for a long time, or who have experienced a recent re-awakening of their faith, to make a public Reaffirmation of Faith before the Bishop. For more information on each of these, and to apply for Baptism of adults or children, please speak to Mother Davidson. While celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is a joyous event possible on any Sunday of the Church Year (except during Lent) the Prayer Book suggests five occasions on which Baptism is particularly appropriate, and one of those is All Saints’ Day.



All Saints' youth will be hosting the annual Veterans brunch on Sunday, November 12th immediately after service. All are welcome to come and honor our All Saints' veterans and guests. If you would like to invite a veteran or would like more information please contact Michelle Byram.



Stewardship Corner


How to Raise Children to be Kind


The Washington Post recently ran an article on Christian formation for children.  Actually it wasn't about formation but it could be.

It was called, "How To Raise Children To Be Kind" 


The five points are a no-brainer for any community of faith interested in young families and children:

  1. Make caring for others a priority.  Happiness and success do not trump concern for other.
  2. Provide opportunities for children to practice caring and gratitude. Learning caring and gratitude is like learning any new skill.  It takes regular practice.
  3. Expand the circle of concern. Help children learn to care about people outside their normal circle of friends of family – such as people in different countries or of a different economic class.
  4. Be a strong moral role model and mentor.  Do some kind of community service regularly with your child. Make it a priority.
  5. Guide children in managing destructive feelings.  Teach basic breathing skills like long deep breaths through the nose, slowly exhale through the nose, count to five and repeat until calm.

This is an example of being a good steward of the manifold grace of God. 1 Peter 4:10.   It is also a good prescription for a program for children and youth. 

Anybody want to try it?


Church school calendar for 2017-2018:



Ice Cream Sundae Social


Church School


Church School


Church School


Family Day, Columbus Day


Church School


Church School


Family Day


Church School


Church School


Church School


Church School


Family Day


Church School


Church School


Church School


Church School


Palm Sunday Family Day


Family Day




Church School


Church School


Church School


Church School


Church School


Family Day


Family Day


Church School


Family Day


Church School


Church School


Mother’s Day Family Day


Family Day


Pentecost Sunday last day)


Church School






The Women’s group is in the process of organizing a fundraiser for the parish.  We will be offering for sale Christmas cards that will be of the painting of the church that Peter Marcisz made last Christmas. More details will follow!

We will be starting an out-reach project for ACTS 4….a collection of gently used winter coats and accessories….hats/gloves/ scarves. They are also looking for men,s size large long underwear.  Boxes will be set up to place donations.

All Saints will be hosting the Town-wide Ecumenical Thanksgiving service this year and the women’s group will be organizing the reception after the service. A sign- up sheet for finger foods/sandwiches and desserts will be on the bulletin board. As the attendance at this service is usually many we will need a good variety of food!

An email list of those that would like to be included in Women’s group emails is being complied. If you would like to make sure your name is on that contact group please send your email address to Nancy Renner @ rennerb2@sbcglobal.net

The next meeting of the group is 10/29 following the service.



Our 18th Annual Tournament held September 9 was very successful, achieving net proceeds of over $4,000. These funds will be used for community outreach programs over the next year.

In the past 8 years, our main outreach has been to assist in providing out of classroom needs to Wolcott students whose families have incurred hardships due to economic, illness or other setbacks. Because of our financial help, students have been able to go on class trips, obtain supplemental lunch fees, purchase yearbooks, and obtain various academic supplies, which they otherwise would have had difficulty to afford

When existing funds are available, we have also contributed to other worthy causes, such as the Wolcott Food Pantry. That we use all net proceeds for outreach is unique and only possible through the support of our entire parish and the generosity of our donors.

Specials thanks are given first and foremost to the golfers, especially those who have sustained our tournament by participating year after year. Thanks also to the non-golfers who attend the Dinner/Raffle, to Michelle Byram and Debbie Price for volunteering to handle the morning registration and the afternoon raffle, and to Brandon Price who was a big help in setting up the raffle and breakfast tables on Saturday morning.

Following is a list of the Sponsors and Raffle Prize Donors to whom we owe a deep debt of gratitude: 


Apex Lighting Services– Gary Byram            Sullivan Bros. Remodeling – John Sullivan

PAR SPONSORS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arlene Arlene Tansley  (Double Par)               Mattatuck Industrial Scrap                                                                                                    Bryce Gear – Eric Sanderson               Advance Dermatology – Dr. Ronald Jurzyk                                                                  Pool Water Pat – Pat Lerz                    Wolcott Resource Food Pantry – Helen Donavan                                                      Largay Travel – Paul Largay                Woodtick Memorial – Scott Griffin                                                                             Wolcott Sanitation – Rich Rogers        Migliaro Fuel – Gene Migliaro                                                                                         Att. Mark and Holly Wrenn                    Wolcott View Manor _ James Cleary, Jr.                                                                  Joseph Penta                                          Advance Physical Therapy – Kevin Huber




Waterbury Country Club        Hawk’s Landing Country Club          Mohegan Sun Casino                                                  Firestone (Plainville)                   Firestone (Southington)                      Chris Cote’s Golf Center                                            LaFortuna Ristorante              Mona Lisa Restaurant                         Pepsi-Cola Bottling (Bristol)                                      Webster Bank                                    Peoples’ Bank                                     Thomaston Savings Bank                                       TD Bank                             Della Vecchia Funeral Home              Raymond’s Building Supply                                                Pat’s IGA                                 Gary Brunet                                        Thompson’s Chocolates                                                Janet Discepolo                   Paul Pericelli                                               Lisa Pease & Laurie Shaw                                  Florence Ruggiero                   Bill & Judy Richard                                   Ev Marcisz                                                             Jackie & Joe Pineau                Mike DeNegris Sr.                                    Gary Byram                                  Costco